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Two Thirds North 2012

The initial volume of what will continue as an annual anthology of poetry, short fiction, non-fiction, memoires, interviews, graphics and photography.

This year’s submissions seemed to cluster themselves around several distinct themes in the mind of this editor, themes we have used to organize the volume.

IN MY BODY, IN MY WORLD gathers those poems and stories that deal largely with experience of the world itself, either as phenomenal perception, or as lived, in a real or imagined world with its politics and sense of local place.

FAMILY AND KIND includes those works where family relations, their powerful forces and ambivalences, dominate.

POINTS OF DEPARTURE is a collection that takes its place amidst loss: of loved ones through death, of personal relationships, or simply beginning with the loss of a job.

THE WORD ARTIST pulls together those pieces whose self-awareness as works of art seems more evident.  This way of organizing is, of course, subjective, artificial and perhaps flagrantly resistant to the intentions of the individual writers.

Free download: Two Thirds North 2012