Two Thirds North 2014

Out of Place, Out of Time, Translations, Bloodlines & Waterlines, Natural Confrontations

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Liang Yujing translates Zhu Jian and Zou You. Mikael Lopez interprets the multi-ethnic poetry of Johannes Anyuru.

Maria Freij brings us closer to Swedish sensibility through English verse. Kevin Barry exposes us to the fates and the four winds of creativity

Together with the amazing old and new talent from China, Ireland, Lithuania, Australia, Hong Kong, Rwanda, the UK, the US, New Zealand, and Sweden.

Two Thirds North 2013

Uncharted Currents, Sightings, Between the Poles, Positioning


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Gerard Woodward pays homage to Kafka. Clark Blaise explores the mind of a dangerously precocious Indian-American girl.

Ocean Vuong inhabits the fractured identities of family members after war. Ann Fisher-Wirth tweaks a Swedish proverb into a vital challenge.

An exclusive interview with Mohsin Hamid.

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Two Thirds North 2012

Someplace that is not fully there.


Two Thirds North 2012 collects radians – writers’ voices – converging here from Britain, Canada, Hong Kong, India, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and the United States. And we have submitting writers from around the globe who dwell here in Stockholm, as well as natives of Sweden and this city.

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